Film Director : Matthieu Do
Author : Salama Marine
Production Assistant: Melissa Domingues
Sound designer : Louis Lesoeur


Max Hans – Berlin
Anything Maria – T.I.N.A.P
Veni Vidi TV – Drinkers Punchers Liners

Special thanks to

Leo & Casey

, Raoni & Andrew

Komet Bernhard,

Zoë & James (Überlin),

Jule (im Gegenteil) & Claudio (iHeartBerlin)

Berlin Disaster

Mad Kate



Direction, Camera, Editing


BERLIN WAY OF LOVE is a documentary about love, multiculturalism and the notion of commitment as seen through the lens of contemporary life in Berlin. The German capital is widely seen as a unique city in Europe, boasting a tolerant spirit, a special energy and an exceptionally diverse cultural and creative melting-pot, which result in interesting dynamics in terms of relationships and love.

Agency : Dodo*