Website design

Additionally on this project, I had the chance to also design the studio’s website. A fully responsive platerform introducing all the coaches, the studio itself and embedding externally plugin of schedules and booking.


I also got the task of creating a graphic design, for a limited collection of tees (available on sale at the studio) called “Disco Cycling Club”. 

Street posters

This campaign went also outside as street posters with the claim FITNESS IS BORING.

behind the scene 

Art Direction & Design : Dodo*

Producers : Carine Lucas + Tamara Bigot

Photographer : Austėja Ščiavinskaitė

Video : Manón Yanes

Sound Design : Pedro Almeida Oliveira

Hair & Makeup : Beatriz Texugo

Models : Gigi + Mariana + Rui + Solange + Carlota + Ricardo + Guilherme

Art Direction, Design


Located in Central Lisbon, studiorise is a new wellness hub of 400 sqm spread over two floors, dedicated to live a new type of gym experience. For their launching campaign, I helped them to create a fresh and unique art direction, inspired by arty magazines’ look & feel. And unlike traditional fitness studios, the decision of putting the coaches under the spotlight, was made to give a better connection between clients and the studio.

Agency : Dodo*